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Enrolment is underway for our autumn term and Finnbrit is offering a wide selection of courses for students of all levels. We have courses designed specifically for beginners, intermediates and...
From The British Embassy Helsinki: "The British Embassy Helsinki wants to reach out and reconnect with Finnish alumni of UK institutions of higher education. We want to celebrate the UK-Finnish...
The Finnbrit office will be closed for two weeks in July, from Mon 11 July until Sun 24 July. Our summer courses programme continues in August with 'English Intensive Brush Up' and 'Finnish in...
Enrolments have begun for our Autumn 2016 courses at the Finnbrit Language Centre. We offer a wide range of courses ranging from our elementary level "English for Life", to our popular...
FINNISH IN AUGUST is a practical, nice and easy course for everyday purposes. The course is aimed at those in the early stages of learning the language. We will talk, read and write Finnish. Classes...

Upcoming Events

Molly Dance Workshop

Begin: 28.08.2016, 12:00
Location: Fredrikinkatu 20 A 9, 00120 Helsinki

Molly Dance Workshop

A 'moll' or 'molly' used to be a term for a woman of wild ways and a hoary reputation, but street dancers from East Anglia (around Cambridge, Norfolk area of England) have turned this idea on its head in recent years. Nowadays Molly Dancing involves male and female dancers in wildly decorated costumes, quite undistinguished from each other.

This workshop is planned to introduce you to Molly dances. The idea is to learn the basic steps, swinging knees high and marching with arms, and to learn a few simple dances, similar to Helsinki Morrisers' old favourite the Bedlam Dance. Check out these UK groups on the web: Gog Magog, Ouse Washes and Pig Dyke Molly.

It's held at the Finnbrits at 12.00 till 15.00 on Sunday August 28th. It's free, so bring a friend, comfortable shoes (not ballet ones, just trainers) and some small change for refreshments.

Shakespeare Evening

Begin: 09.09.2016, 18:00
End: 09.09.2016, 21:00
Location: Fredrikinkatu 20 A 9, 00120 Helsinki

More than four hundred years ago, William Shakespeare (1564–1616) established new pinnacles for British drama. In addition to this, he also introduced a new way to display history – and to illuminate the present through history. Furthermore, his depictions of characters, whether historical or imaginary, provide windows to the souls ourselves as well as to those of others. The theme of this evening is to look at stories of Shakespeare – the stories about Shakespeare, the stories told by Shakespeare, and the stories created by the combination of the two.

Maria Salenius is Docent and University Lecturer in British Literature (Department of Modern Languages) at the University of Helsinki.

After the presentation we have a once in a life time opportunity to familiarise ourselves with some very basic dance steps from the ballet version of Romeo and Juliet! Wouldn't it be great to learn how the roles of the Montagues and the Capulets are danced? This fun dance lesson will be given by two enthusiastic dance teachers, Terhi Kontkanen and Sonja Taulavuori, who have prepared this lesson especially for us.


Naked Ladies (clothing swap for women only) Please bring KIDS' clothes, too!

Begin: 11.09.2016, 15:00
End: 11.09.2016, 18:00
Location: Fredrikinkatu 20 A 9, 00120 Helsinki

Clothes Swap! (women only) Bring some take some. Free! Do you have clothing or accessories hanging around that you never use? KIDS' clothes and sports equipment, too.

Bring the things you want to swap or give away and take home ’new treasures’. It can be shoes, clothes, coats, jewelry, anything you think someone else could use or enjoy. WE ALSO ACCEPT KIDS' CLOTHES, ALL SIZES FOR CHARITY. You can take your old stuff back home or leave it to be donated to local charities.

We will have a charity come and collect the leftover items. SMALL kitchen needs welcome too, for larger items ask beforehand, and be prepared to bring it back home with you. There will be a big area to use, so feel free to invite your female friends and you're welcome to bring some wine and snacks. :) Clean out you (and your kids' closets). It's okay if you don't have much or anything at all to bring. You are still.....Welcome!

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