15 March 2019

The Federation of Finnish-British Societies annual English Essay Writing Competition was held for the 35th time on the 16th and 17th of January 2019. The essay titles on these two dates were posted on the Helsinki Finnish-British Society website for download on the competition day. Teachers then sent in the best essay from each class, and in all 107 shortlisted essays were received from a total of 29 schools throughout Finland.

The jury was composed of five judges, including representatives from the Finnish National Agency for Education, the University of Helsinki Department of Languages (English), and the Association of Teachers of English in Finland. The judges gave first prize to Otto Kannainen from Jyväskylän normaalikoulu for his brilliantly written and original short story beginning “Suddenly, things looked very different…”. A special mention from the judges goes to Krista Tikkanen from Ressun lukio for her moving story about gaining sight, Haiying Lu from Tampereen klassillinen lukio for her comic story on giving a speech, and Lucas Nguyen from Turun klassillinen lukio, who wrote a very good essay on money.

The standard of essays was very high, and the judges would like to congratulate the winner and the runners-up and thank all those who took part in the competition.

Mark Shackleton, Chair, Essay Writing Competition


First prize (500€ for a trip to the UK)

Otto Kanniainen Jyväskylän normaalikoulu

Runner up prizes (books)

Venla Halonen Pieksämäen lukio
Elsa von Konow Tampereen klassinen lukio
Linnea Lensu Jyväskylän normaalikoulu
Haiying Lu Tampereen klassillinen lukio
Lucas Nguyen Turun klassillinen lukio
Alpo Nykänen Ressun lukio
Saku Parttimaa Kuninkaantien lukio
Vuokko Salminen Tampereen klassillinen lukio
Krista Tikkanen  Ressun lukio


2019 Essay Competition Topics
1. Who needs love?
2. Money makes the world go round – or does it?
3. Are animals superior to humans?
4. If I ruled the world.
5. Write a short fictional story beginning with these words: "Suddenly, things looked very different."


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