23 April 2020

Learn new skills, keep your mind active and meet new people with our online English Courses.

Here at Finnbrit, we’re offering a selection of courses online so that even when you’re at home, you can study with us. We have designed a range of language courses suitable for learners at different levels of proficiency, including exam preparation courses and English for business. All are delivered by our team of experienced and qualified, native-level teachers.

So, sign up today!

* IELTS Preparation Course
An intensive online course focused on preparing for the IELTS exam. Academic and General Training, all levels
Starts at 17:00 on 27.04. Weekly for 6 weeks.

* Talk Talk Talk
An intermediate level speaking course helping you use appropriate vocabulary and phrases. B1-B2
Starts at 17:00 on 29.04. Weekly for 6 weeks.

* Intermediate English
A new course using a range of media (videos, TED talks) for learners looking to move toward more independent use and fluency. B1
Starts at 17:00 on 05.05. Weekly for 6 weeks.

* Effective Business Communication
Improve the Business English relevant to your career and business activities! B1+
Starts at 17:00 on 07.05. Weekly for 6 weeks.

We will also be offering events and specialised workshops, all published soon on our website.

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