Mission, vision and values
The aim of the Finnish-British Society is to strengthen friendship and cultural relations between Finland and the United Kingdom by making British culture known in Finland as well as to promote interaction and contacts between Finnish and British citizens in Finland. The aim is also to promote the use of good English. For this purpose the Society arranges seminars, lectures, social gatherings, language training and other training.

The Finnbrit today comprises of the Cambridge and IELTS Examinations Centre, the Finnbrit Language Centre Oy and the Finnish-British Society r.y. We are a non-profit organisation. Our mission is to continue to be an easily accessible hub for language training, cultural and social activities for the Finnish-British community and the general public in the Helsinki region.

The Finnbrit is about friendship and understanding: we care about our staff, members, clients, students and associated groups and we want all to have an equal opportunity to reap the benefits of lifelong learning and education.  We care about our cultural heritage, language and the Arts, and cherish creativity. We think the Finnbrit gives people an opportunity to experience language and culture through our unique community.

Goal for 2018
The goal for 2018 is to continue to improve the visibility and recognition of the Society. We aim to do this, with the help of a new and improved website; regular newsletters to the society’s members, students and corporate clients; topical seminars and an Open House on the Night of the Arts.

Open House
The Open House has become a tradition since it was first launched in 2013. In 2018 another Open House Day on the Night of the Arts in August will be arranged, introducing all the activities of the society, language training, language tests and cultural activities. The programme includes free level testing and free sample lessons in addition to a comprehensive social programme in co-operation with the Social Committee, Finn-Brit Players and the Helsinki Morrisers.

Corporate clients
The aim is to reach out to new corporate clients in the Helsinki region by promoting services such as specialised language training, language testing and needs analysis.
Corporate clients will be contacted through newsletters, direct mail, telephone and advertisements in addition to an active use of social media and our website.

Test Centre and Examination Services
The Society aims to keep the number of IELTS test candidates at approximately 1,600 per year. In order to achieve this we will continue our co-operation with Eira High School for premises rental as well as continue to train and keep our current IELTS staff up to date.

Evening classes and summer courses
Our popular evening courses for adults will continue. In addition to the courses aimed at obtaining international language certificates (Cambridge English exams) and preparation courses for IELTS, we will also offer courses for children and teenagers in the summer. Also intensive courses for adults will be offered during the summer. In addition to this we offer courses in pronunciation and debating skills.  Approximately 250 students attend our evening classes every year.

Social activities
Social activities for 2018 will include topical seminars, theatre visits, book talks and seasonal parties for families. In addition the very popular Book Club will continue as well as the Naked Ladies Clothes Swapping Party, the Nursery Rhyme Time, The Knitting Club and the Folk Club.

Writing Competition
We will arrange the national writing competition aimed at first year students of the Finnish Lukio (Upper secondary school) in January. This will be the 34th time that we arrange this popular competition. We invite all the national schools to participate and usually about 60 of them take part in the writing competition each year. Teachers select the two best essays from each class and our panel reviews approximately 250 entries in total. As always, we will include experts from Helsinki University and the English Language Teachers’ Association on the panel, and we will offer the winning candidate a subsidy for a trip to the UK. Nine runners up will receive prizes in the form of English literary classics.

Co-operation with associated groups and other collaboration
The Finnbrit Social Committee continues its active co-operation in arranging social activities together with its associated groups, the British Embassy and the British Council.

Our associated groups are:  The Finn-Brit Players, The Really Small Theatre Company, the Helsinki Morrisers, The Finnbrit Folk Club, IESAF (International English Speakers’ Association of Finland) and the Nursery Rhyme Time group. Finnbrit also arranges the following annual events in cooperation with the Federation of the Finnish-British Societies: the Debating Competition and debate training workshops, the Annual Autumn Seminar and the Finnbrit Writing Competition.

We will also continue the successful co-operation we started in 2015 with NEaT (Nordic Translators and Editors) in arranging the successful English Today seminar.

Renting of the premises
Finnbrit will continue to rent out its premises to associated groups, members and corporate clients for meetings, rehearsals and training sessions.