Learning - Culture - Community!

We promote diversity and inclusiveness by offering a wide range of social events, language learning opportunities and examination services.

Our vision is to be renowned in the Helsinki area as a growing, socially-inclusive community where people can experience language, culture and friendship.


We are committed to inclusiveness, lifelong learning and cultural enthusiasm.

How we do it

We provide opportunities for learning and building communities. We offer a meeting place for variety of cultural activities and make everyone feel welcome.


We provide English language courses, examination services and cultural community activities. Our focus themes for the 2019 are four-fold: examinations, dialog for increased understanding and inspiration, operations development and investment evaluation.

Focus activities for 2019

1. Language courses

We arrange scheduled and tailored English language courses primarily in the Helsinki area. One can join any of the scheduled courses to learn e.g. grammar, small talk or pronunciation, or in preparation for obtaining an English language certificate (Cambridge / IELTS). Another option is to tailor a private course for an individual or a group, e.g. around terminology needed in accounting or legal matters, or e.g. debating, or making speeches in English.
We believe that learning should have clear objectives and that it should be fun and immersing the learner in the cultural context of the language. Therefore, all our teachers are native English speakers, each with more than 10 years of experience in teaching languages.
As we are a non-profit organization, our pricing continues to be at level of the market, thereby, allowing us to continue operations in a self-sufficient, operationally and financially sustainable manner.
As mentioned, we work in the Helsinki area. However, if there is demand outside of the capital area we are happy to look into that via our network, the Federation of Finnish British Societies that covers the entire Finland, being based in many university towns across Finland.

2. Examination services (IELTS, Cambridge, other)

Finnbrit is the only authorized test centre for IELTS in Finland and is also a centre for Cambridge Assessment English examinations and Cambridge Assessment Admissions Testing. Our Examination Service arranges exams for the University of London, the Open University, ACCA and many other universities and awarding bodies in the UK and elsewhere.
The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is the world’s most popular English language proficiency test. IELTS assesses all of your English skills — reading, writing, listening and speaking, and is designed to reflect how you will use English at study, at work, and at play. The test is developed by some of the world’s leading experts in language assessment. It has an excellent international reputation and is the most widely accepted English language test.
On average, we run tests every two weeks, other than in the midst of summer. We have c. 60-70 persons taking the test on each test day. Persons taking our test come from all professions and cultures thanks to Helsinki’s location as an easily reachable city, and as an attractive place to stop by.
We aim to continue to run the tests with quality standards set by the British Council and be able to continue to serve the current volumes.

3. Cultural activities / Social activities

The Finnish-British Society arranges various cultural programmes for its members and other interested people. Our aim is to add to the international diversity of the area and provide an inclusive hub of social and cultural activity. In 2018, we arranged live musical performances, presentations, debating events, literature reviews, theatre trips and many more. In addition, we participated in the Helsinki Arts Festival via an Open House event on the Night of the Arts, showcasing all the activities of the society, language training, language tests and cultural activities. We are looking forward to this event again in 2019. We also arranged the national writing competition aimed at first year students of the Finnish Lukio (Upper secondary school) in January in collaboration with the Federation of Finnish-British societies for the 34th time!
Under the auspices of the Society, there are also close friends and associated groups such as The Finn-Brit Players, The Really Small Theatre Company, Helsinki Morrisers, Helsinki International Folk Club, the Nursery Rhyme group and the English Book Club. These organisations arrange their own programmes on a regular basis.
Going forward, we will be even more active in collaborating with the British Embassy in Helsinki, e.g. arranging a photo exhibition centered around “100 years of diplomacy” between the United Kingdom and Finland. We will also continue the successful co-operation with NEaT (Nordic Translators and Editors) in arranging the successful English Today seminar. In addition, we will aim to connect more with Finnish students in Britain, and British students in Finland, and of course, British artists and sportsmen living in or visiting Finland.
We advertise the events on our website and facebook, and you are most welcome to join us!

4. Invest in programs enhancing cultural diversity and inclusiveness

In 2019, the Council will evaluate our investment portfolio and assess investing more in programs increasing cultural diversity and inclusiveness. The Council will assess options and create a proposal if there are programs we wish to create or participate in, and how to best proceed in further advancing our mission.

5. Develop our operations

We aim to be even more relevant and value-adding to our members, customers and clients. We want to encourage participation, already at point where we are creating direction of the society and its activities. We intend to do this via a survey to better understand the needs and wishes, and thereby guide our operations.
Developing operations also includes reaching out to new members, customers and clients, and be able to better balance our fundraising. We will also continue to structure our operations to ensure improved flexibility and continuity.
The goal for 2019 is also to increase the visibility and recognition of the Society. We aim to do this via renewal of our website and social media practices.