Are you working or studying in English? Are you planning to apply for a new job, or about to start one? Do you need to know the level of your English-language skills?

Come and have your skills evaluated by one of our accredited Cambridge and IELTS examiners. Our language testing draws on the lengthy experience and professionalism of our team, who assess language competence according to the Common European Reference for Languages.

After your level assessment, you will not only receive a certificate indicating your level in the areas tested (reading, writing, listening, speaking) but also a personal summary and recommendations for language training.

We offer a very flexible service for companies and individuals. Just contact us to arrange a time, usually within the same week. You will receive your results and a written certificate – on the same day if necessary.

Please reserve 90 minutes for the full test, which includes both the written and spoken elements.

For language level testing, please contact:

Tel. +358 (0)9 687 7020