English Intensive Brush-Up (B2–C1)

Daytime Courses and Short Intensive Courses

A four-day intensive course!

Monday-Thursday, 16:30-19:30
Four lessons on each day, 16 lessons in total.
Enrol on the course by 8.1.2018

Level: B2-C1

English Intensive Brush Up is for those of you who want to give your English a boost either for work or study. The focus of the course is effective communication. We aim to help you expand your active vocabulary and hone your speaking, listening, reading and writing skills. We will be using authentic materials from a wide range of media and different genre for group discussions, pair work, and individual tasks such as giving presentations. We will also take a look at some more advanced aspects of grammar and pronunciation to help improve accuracy. Students are encouraged to contribute to the content and topics to be discussed during the course.

The course material is included in the course fee.

'Teachers: Henry & Penelope

Course Fee for members 230€ and for non-members 285,20€

 members enrol

Experience Level:
Level B2-C1