Summer Courses

Monday-Thursday, 17:00-20:15
Four lessons on each day, 16 lessons in total.
Enrol on the course by 25.5.2018

Level: B2-C1

Are you preparing to study or work in an English-speaking environment and would like to improve your language skills? Or if you just want to brush up on your English before your summer vacation, come and join this course before the holiday season gets underway!

There will be opportunities to talk and improve your fluency, expand your vocabulary, widen your knowledge of idioms and work on key grammar skills. Class activities will include discussing newspaper articles and video clips. We will be developing listening skills and using conversation exercises to help improve confidence in everyday situations. Class members will also be given the chance to complete writing tasks and to receive constructive feedback from the teacher. Suggestions and requests for specific topics and skills are welcome.

Course Fee for members 240€ and for non-members 297,60€

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Experience Level: Level B2-C1

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