Language Courses

Welcome to Finnbrit where you can study English at all levels in small groups of 6-12 persons with qualified experienced English teachers, in a cosy and encouraging atmosphere!

Being among the oldest language training institutes in the Helsinki region, we boast a wealth of knowledge and expertise in language training and examinations. With our dedicated and highly motivated staff and cosy, well-situated premises in Punavuori, we provide you with modern and innovative language solutions. We also limit our class sizes to 12 students to ensure all students receive the attention and advice they deserve and learn as much as possible from our courses.

English Language Level Descriptions

Level A Basic user – Perustaso
A1 Breakthrough or beginner
A2 Waystage or elementary

Level B Independent user – Keskitaso
B1 Threshold or intermediate
B2 Vantage or upper intermediate

Level C Proficient user - Ylin taso
C1 Effective operational proficiency or advanced
C2 Mastery or proficiency

Not sure of your level? Contact the office to receive guidance and take a free level test.


Upcoming Courses

During this course you will practise general business topics such as presenting yourself and your company, participating in meetings and negotiations, giving your opinion and building up your arguments, presentations on work related topics, describing products and services, discussing current affairs, (by using materials such as BBC, Financial Times etc.) and small talk. We will also do specific language activities related to the business areas of the participants. The topics may be for example, sales and marketing, HR, consultancy, legal English, finance and banking, information technology and artificial intelligence as well as the future of business.

Event Date 11.04.2019 18:45
Event End Date 20.06.2019 20:15
Capacity 12
Individual Price €310.00

This course will familiarise you with the format and content of the IELTS test. You will practise the skills you need and receive guidance on exam technique.
The IELTS preparation course is for those who are serious about passing the IELTS exam. You will practice all parts of the IELTS test and the different question types, there will be many opportunities to work on all the skills and techniques you need, and you'll be given advice on how to avoid those unwanted mistakes that may bring down your score. To support the class work, you will be given self-study tasks, especially writing, for homework.

The teacher, Henry, can tell you exactly what you need to do to get the grade you need.

Event Date 29.04.2019 17:00
Event End Date 03.06.2019 19:30
Capacity 12
Individual Price €310.00